It is not my intent to make anyone in the news media or in politics appear stupid, but someone needs to say this. Notwithstanding the unfortunate “last-in-class” reference, the president is not being critical of John McCain, the former military serviceman. The president is, however, critical of McCain, the former United States Senator.

Going on and on and on about McCain’s already well-known and highly valuable contribution to the nation as a military officer is, at best, a worthless defense of McCain, the politician. Further, it is an inane distraction from the obvious legitimacy of the president’s criticism of McCain’s record in the U. S. Senate.

Criticism, especially of McCain’s political actions regarding the Affordable Care Act and the Steele dossier, is not only legitimate, but well deserved by McCain, contemporaneously and posthumously. While regrettably the Senator is no longer with us, the Affordable Care Act and the Steele dossier both remain current and important issues today.

This is all true regardless of whether such worthless defense and inane distraction are proffered on an evening news broadcast or in The News-Times political cartoon of March 22.

Timothy Bishop