The decision by the state to consolidate probate districts all across Connecticut has resulted in numerous head-to-head battles between incumbent judges this year.

Such has been the case in the Greater New Milford area, where Judge Marty Landgrebe of the New Milford-Bridgewater district and Judge William DeFeo of the New Fairfield-Sherman district have been vying for the judgeship of the new five-town Housatonic district that combines their towns, plus Brookfield.

Judge DeFeo won the initial showdown at the Republican Party caucus earlier this year, and Judge Landgrebe emerged victorious in an August primary that put him on the ballot as the official GOP candidate.

Now, as a result of Judge DeFeo's decision to run a write-in campaign, the two gentlemen will square off for a third time on Tuesday in the general election.

Judge Landgrebe and Judge DeFeo are both estimable public servants who have done a good job during their respective 12-year and eight-year tenures, and voters are fortunate to have two strong candidates.

We believe Judge Landgrebe has compiled an impressive record for competence, fairness and compassion during his years as the probate judge in the largest town in what is now the Housatonic district.

Judge Landgrebe is a hard worker and good administrator as well as an impartial judge, and we believe he is the better choice to serve the new five-town district.

We enthusiastically endorse Judge Landgrebe for re-election.