Feels more money for education isn't the answer

To the Editor:

In New Milford, there has been public outcry and rage about trees being cut, development, Sempra, open space, the Green -- the list is endless and includes cuts to the Board of Education budget.

New Milford spent $500 million over the last ten years on education and $100 million over the last 20 years on buildings.

The result is lousy test scores and total silence from the public.

Does the public not care about the most important thing? Our children.

New Milford doesn't need studies to determine what is wrong. That's why we have a superintendent.

New Milford needs to know what is being done to improve the quality of our education.

There needs to be a drastic change in the dialogue from why the schools need more money to what is being done to improve the test scores.

Clearly, more money is not the answer.

Sally Rinehart

New Milford