To the Editor:

It's ironic Sept. 11 is synonymous with the 911 emergency call in the United States, or that day the call was made the magnitude of the response to the aftermath of the falling of the Twin Towers, which resulted in the death of human beings.

It shocked the psyche of the country.

911 took place when Tim McVeigh bombed the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City; 911 President John Kennedy, 911 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; 911 Robert Kennedy; 911 churches were bombed in the south; 911 Kent State University; 911 Pearl Harbor; 911 Katrina victims lost their lives; 911 Columbine High School students, and 911 Waco.

We should honor and prey for all that lost their lives, be it Sept. 11 or being involved in a tragedy that required 911 emergency system.

We need to foster a culture that reputes violence and addresses the root causes of conflict through the power of dialogue.

Fran Smith

New Milford