To the Editor:

Washington, like all other towns, is facing tough times and I believe we need dedicated, objective leaders to help us navigate through this uncertain period.

Ray Reich and Gary Fitzherbert are the two zoning commission candidates in Washington who are best suited for this task.

Mr. Fitzherbert was instrumental in the opening of the Glenholme School. He has dedicated his life to helping children, and he has been extremely successful doing so.

We can trust his judgment.

Mr. Reich is one of the most honorable men I know as I have worked with him at The Gunnery when he was teaching there. He is a trustee of Steep Rock, an appointed official for the Parks & Recreation Commission and a longtime baseball coach at Shepaug Valley High School.

We can also trust his judgment.

Both gentlemen have lived here for years, raised their children here, and have intimately involved themselves with our community.

Having been a resident of Washington since 1949, I can tell you I've met many Washington residents and Ray and Gary are exceptional citizens of our town. They have consistently demonstrated during their 25-plus years living here that they always have the town's best interests in mind.

Our zoning commission needs its members to tackle difficult decisions with an open mind, a deep understanding of our community and a willingness to objectively debate our rules. No one is better suited for this than Gary Fitzherbert and Raymond Reich.

Margaret (Peg) Addicks