Endorses zoner Friedman for her 'demonstrated expertise

To the Editor:

The following is a strong letter of endorsement for Valerie Friedman for re-election to the Washington zoning commission.

I currently serve with Valerie on the zoning commission, where I have had the opportunity to observe first-hand how seriously she takes her responsibility to the commission and to the residents of Washington.

Valerie understands the fair and uniform application of well-crafted regulations is critical to protecting our town's unique character.

She understands zoning decisions must be based on the regulations and not on personal preferences, personal friendships or campaign contributions.

She anticipates challenges to our town's quality of life, and asks fellow commissioners to consider changes to the regulations before problems arise.

Recently, one commissioner suggested we need fewer zoning regulations. I disagree with that premise.

It isn't a question of how many regulations we have. What really matters is whether our regulations are clear and fair and can be uniformly applied to every applicant.

When the Republican Town Committee failed to do so, the Democratic town committee agreed to put partisan politics aside and reached across the aisle to endorse Valerie for another term on the zoning commission.

Perhaps they, too, recognize that, at a time when we have seen the threats to our town's quality of life increasing, we need her talents and experience more than ever.

This is not about her opponent on the ballot, Ray Reich. He is a gentleman in every respect who has served his country with honor and who continues to serve this town in other important roles.

Instead, it is about demonstrated expertise in addressing zoning issues, commitment, and a decade of experience.

Please join me in voting to return Valerie Friedman to her seat on the Washington zoning commission.

Arthur J. DuBois Jr.