To the Editor:

I first met Pat Murphy when I moved to New Milford six years ago.

It was during Village Fair Days and Pat was running for her first term in office. Even at that first meeting I was impressed by her commitment to the community.

Since then, that commitment and dedication to New Milford has benefited all of us in numerous ways.

Once again and, in the most difficult economic times, Mayor Murphy and her Republican team crafted a balanced budget for the town's 2009/2010 fiscal year.

Due to wise decisions to refinance long-standing debt from school bonds, the town was able to save an enormous amount of money in bond interest payment by negotiating for exceptionally low interest rates.

Due to wise and strategic financial moves, the town was able to lock in fixed fuel costs, thereby saving large sums of money over the prior years levels.

The town lowered medical expenses with a new prescription plan and work safety programs, thereby saving an enormous amount of money over the prior years' levels.

These and many other wise financial decisions have saved taxpayers large sums of money and prevented what could have been large tax increases.

Mayor Murphy and her Republican team understand the negative effect large tax increases have on the hard-working people of New Milford.

Due to smart fiscal policies, New Milford residents are benefiting from having a strong bond rating, a strong surplus balance for emergencies, a strong funded employee pension program and a balanced budget.

Our federal and state government should take a page out of New Milford's financial playbook.

Let's keep the success going. Re-elect Mayor Murphy and the Republican team.

Vote row A.

Lois Chludzinski

New Milford