To the Editor:

If you are wondering who to elect for the New Milford board of education, one name should stand out: Lynette Celli Rigdon.

I have known Lynette for two years and I am proud to support her in her campaign.

I met Lynette when our oldest sons were in kindergarten at Hill and Plain School. Our boys quickly became friends and as soon as Lynette and I met, we realized we had a great deal in common.

We both hold degrees in elementary education and I am a third-grade teacher. We often speak at great lengths about the importance of quality education and what we feel school systems need in order to be successful.

Lynette is the type of person who listens and makes decisions after carefully considering all options.

Lynette is supportive and compassionate. My oldest son has food allergies and when she heard our family was participating in the recent FAAN Food Allergy walk, Lynette was one of the first people to donate.

She also sought out other donations and joined our team of walkers because she cares so much about the safety of my son and others with food allergies.

I will be casting my vote for Lynette Celli Rigdon on November 3. Please join me.

Danielle Bon Tempo

New Milford