So NASCAR fans, what do you think about this season so far?

I think for the most part, racing has been fairly good (except Texas).

We are only six races into the season and we already have five different winners. That's good.

There have been tire issues at some of the tracks, but NASCAR and the Good Year Tire Co., which provide the tires for NASCAR, have reportedly been working well together to try and make things right.

Are you familiar with Ford's new engine, the FR9? Honestly, I've read about it, but I don't really understand how motors work.

A NASCAR racing analyst say the Fords will be tough this year.

Trevor Bayne, Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth all have a win this year in a Ford. Chevy won the other three races.

Did you hear the fans cheering for Jeff Gordon when he won the race at Phoenix?

Race fans are very passionate about this sport and are loyal to their favorite drivers.

When you go to a race or watch on TV you see the fans in the stands proudly wearing their racing hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts and coats sporting the name and colors of their favorite driver.

I have dozens of all that stuff, and some of it even goes back to the Danbury Fair Racearena days.

As much as I am excited about this year and I like the changes NASCAR has made to some rules and the point system, but there are still some things I'd like to see change.

Get rid of the lucky dog rule. Every driver should have to race his or her way back into contention and not just have it handed to them.

I don't like the fact that only the top 35 in points are guaranteed a starting spot.

The fastest 43 drivers should make the race.

I understand NASCAR probably has this rule in place in case Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Jimmie Johnson crashed in qualifying and didn't make the race?

You'd probably have a lot of upset race fans. That's the last thing NASCAR needs.

Fans pay a lot of money to go to races and watch their favorites, so don't plan on seeing the top 35 rule go away -- ever.

Enjoy the race from Talladega this Sunday at 1 p.m. on FOX.