To the Editor:

We cannot express how disappointed we are in your decision to give the New Milford High School Grad Party a (Roses &) Thorns endorsement.

This parent-driven organization struggles each and every year to raise the funds needed to put on this extravagant event and we need all the help we can get.

To receive any negative press from The Spectrum is devastating and unfair. You singled us out as having an alcohol-related fundraiser when, in fact, many of the fundraisers for many child/student-based organizations sponsor fundraisers where alcohol is present.

A wine tasting is not considered a drinking party, and to suggest so does a disservice to, not only the responsible adults who participate, but also the fine, upstanding small business owners who contribute their time, effort and product to the event.

Yes, the Grad Party is a non-alcoholic party for the kids, but to make it just about that is wrong. Its much more than that.

This party is a non-exclusive party for the entire class. No one is left out. Every student who graduates has an opportunity to participate in a fun, safe night.

It keeps the kids from party hopping and off the roads and gives the parents peace of mind, knowing their child is having a wonderful time with their peers.

This party is a gift the parents and community give the graduating class each year and, because it is donation driven, it is imperative the parents and community are informed of the importance of making this well-deserved night the best it can be.

Get on board, Spectrum. Be part of the process, not another hurdle we have to overcome.

Dennis and Michelle Duffany

New Milford