To the Editor:

At a recent meeting, members of the New Milford Democratic Town Committee voted to support the general government and Board of Education budgets being presented to voters and taxpayers at the upcoming May 3 budget referendum.

Given the current economic conditions, members feel taxpayers should only be asked to pay a small, if any, tax increase.

Even though the poor condition of many town roads and buildings justify an increase in expenditures for necessary repairs, members do not feel this budget is the appropriate funding vehicle for such work.

The recent audit's conclusion the town's financial records are incorrect is disturbing to all citizens. When approving a 91-plus million dollar budget people, at the very least, should be able to feel confident the town's financial records are correct and comply with all applicable standards and laws.

Our members strongly encourage the mayor, Town Council and Board of Finance to see the audit firm's recommendations are immediately implemented by the director of finance so this very serious accounting lapse can be immediately rectified.

Only this immediate action can restore public confidence in the integrity of the town's financial records.

The people of New Milford deserve a full explanation from the mayor and director of finance as to how and why this lapse occurred.

We urge all voters and taxpayers to vote on May 3.

Executive Committee


Town Committee

New Milford