To the Editor:

The plan for an inn/hotel on Wykeham Road is not at the moment a problem in Washington as the nightmare idea was withdrawn.

Yet the addition of too many cars on our already dangerous country roads remains a problem.

Narrow, winding Wykeham road, site of the on-going controversy, has had many accidents over the years --notice the missing guardrails above The Gunnery hockey rink where a car plowed through and down the steep bank.

There are 12 curves from the Gunn Memorial Library to Old Litchfield Road, which enters a three-way intersection.

There's another right angle intersection where Sabbaday Lane enters on a curve, blind driveways, many homes close to the road, another curve at the Washington Club golf course entrance, no sight lines, Bell Hill, another merger, same problem.

Try entering from Tompkins Road -- there's a real hair raiser.

And people wonder why the residents have hired lawyers to stop a high traffic development?

Now there was a school there, several, in fact, but the students didn't drive.

In Mexico, they slow the traffic with topes -- road bumps. Locals draw up their chairs to watch the tourists hit the roof.

Some say it's better than TV.

Diana Hardee