To the Editor:

The 34th edition of the Kent Pumpkin Run was one for the record books.

With 653 registered runners and nearly 600 finishers, the race was nearly double the size of any previous year. That just doesn't happen.

It happened because of People Power.

The race showed how the citizens of Kent and the northwest corner can come together to throw one heckuva community event.

Despite the crowds, the race did not lose its hometown feel.

Special thanks to the state police and the Kent Volunteer Fire Department for traffic control, and to students from South Kent School and Kent School.

Thanks to our sponsors and the Kent Chamber of Commerce, the race host.

The real power behind the race is its committee. They are the workhorses.

Thanks to Dan and Lorry Schiesel, Debbe Christensen, Gary Davis, Hedy and Jack Kinney, Ira Smith, Ellen Corsell, Stephanie and Ed Raftery, Lyn Stirnweiss and Billy Leo.

Without you, this never would have happened.

Dave Dunleavy

Pumpkin Run director