To the Editor:

I have made a very important decision to vote for both Gary Fitzherbert and Raymond Reich on Nov. 3.

Frankly I found this to be an easy decision for the following reasons.

Both candidates have lived here for years, raised their children here, and know our town best.

A zoning commission is charged with enforcing our regulations, which is a huge responsibility.

When I think of whom I want making decisions about our town and my property, I want that commission to have real Washington residents.

This is why Gary and Ray are my choices for zoning.

They have been residents for more than 30 years. Their children attended our public schools. Gary and Ray have also worked at our schools, teaching many of our children.

These gentlemen have the context to understand that our town must retain its natural beauty while also providing opportunities for our children and us.

This balance between preservation and business is a fine line. We can depend on Gary and Ray to make the right decisions because they have the experience of living here and understanding how our town works.

Experience is much more than just time on a commission. I want my commission members' experience to be defined by their time in this town and their dedication to Washington.

Gary and Ray are the only candidates who have both of these important qualities, and this is why I will vote for both of them on Nov. 3.

Tammy A. Marquis