To the Editor:

In this time of economic difficulties, job layoffs and stress, I believe it is time to tell the truth about an important factor in the New Milford education budget debate.

I refer to the inflated levels of pay for top-level education administrators.

JeanAnne Paddyfoote, superintendent, receives $167,475 per year.

A United States Senator, for purposes of comparison, receives $162,000.

A senator, moreover, does not receive $6,000 per year for the costs of "transportation," as the school superintendent does.

Does anyone believe the job responsibilities of a United States Senator are less comprehensive than those of a local school superintendent?

Those who might disagree with the above would argue that this level of compensation is contractual and cannot be changed.

But this begs the question: Who negotiated these levels of compensation? An overly solicitous Board of Education.

And who are the victims?

As many as 38 "non-tenured" teachers, often poorly paid, who work on the front lines as educators.

Administrators can always be replaced, since they tend to mysteriously multiply themselves.

However, motivated, conscientious teachers, struggling to make ends meet, cannot.

Edwin F. Sparn

New Milford