To the Editor:

As residents of Chinmoy Lane in New Milford, we'd like to say `thank you' to our Carl's Lane neighbors for enduring recent trials with us.

While it was an inconvenience for all involved, 20 families invading a quiet cul-de-sac like Carl's Lane had to have been quite a shock.

To the two families whose yards we passed through daily, multiple times, a special thank you.

We are especially appreciative to the Kislings, who put down a path of hay, not only to protect their yard but to provide a safe path underfoot.

For that, we are most grateful. Your kindness has not been overlooked.

We'd also like to thank the family who graciously allowed a road to pass through their property and to the all men who worked long hours until its completion.

Mayor Pat Murphy personally called all of us to provide any information she could and was willing to take our calls into the evening hours.

It will be months until our road is restored, but we appreciate the long hours that Mike Zarba of Public Works, the town's road crews and the volunteer contractors have and will continue to put in.

Through all of this, Matt and I enjoyed reconnecting with some of our neighbors and meeting others for the first time.

We all pulled together and helped one another the best we could.

God has blessed us with many wonderful friends in our community and we thank you all for your support and prayers.

Tricia and Matt Dengler

New Milford