To the Editor:

On Nov. 3 the residents of New Milford will have to vote for who should be appointed to the vacancies on the board of education.

We only have one choice, and that is Lynette Celli Rigdon.

I have known Lynette for the past three years.

I have never met anyone who shows such devotion to her family, friends and any cause she has taken on.

Lynette Rigdon will do the same for all of us, if elected on Nov. 3.

She is a lifelong resident of New Milford, a certified teacher, a member of the PTO, MVP-SOS and den leader of her son's Cub Scout troop. She also has taught CCD.

Lynette is clearly a member of the community and is devoted to the needs of our children and teachers.

Isn't that what we want on the board of education? Someone who is devoted to the well-being of our teachers and children? Someone who will work hard for the people of New Milford?

On Nov. 3 we have only one candidate who is the clear choice. That choice is Lynette Rigdon.

Kathy Sundstrom

New Milford