Candidate advocates 'experience and independence' in Bridgewater

To the Editor:

Two candidates have successfully petitioned for the Sept. 15 Bridgewater Democratic primary.

George Allingham is running for re-election to the Board of Finance and I am running for re-election for the Planning and Zoning Commission.

My personal decision to run is based on my belief that the nomination process was flawed and the voters deserve a choice.

It was curious that, while the Democratic nominating committee interviewed its new choices, it declined to talk with us, the chairmen of our respective boards, or the majority of the finance and P & Z members.

As a long advocate of promoting P & Z alternates to regular membership, I was disappointed one of the experienced alternates was not selected if the nominations committee wished to replace me.

And it is puzzling the same Republican candidate was nominated in both caucuses, with the Democrats citing bipartisanship and the Republicans stressing party loyalty.

While new members can bring a fresh perspective, experienced and qualifications are especially vital for these important local positions.

A member of P & Z for more than ten years, I began as an alternate, then moved to regular membership, and have been vice-chairman for more than six years.

I have reviewed application, handled contentious, helped draft needed by-law revisions to include provisions on conflict of interest, promotion of alternates, and written, signed complaints.

The selection of candidates should not depend on the pleasure of the first Sslectman. On primary day, Bridgewater Democrats will have a choice and I hope they will consider experience and independence.

Jean T.D. Bandler