To the Editor:

Our community should consider the following efficiencies:

1) Become more democratic. Recently there was an appointment to the Board of Finance. This appointee was then appointed to an ad hoc committee.

This method, although legal, does not fulfill the definition of democracy.

This individual was never elected to public office, whereas two other Board of Finance candidates were duly elected to office.

2) Be transparent. Town government is vital in our democratic society, and its governance must be democratic, open to public discussion and public participation.

Agendas should be posted well in advance to give residents an opportunity to consider the town's business.

Eliminate (the practice of) amending agendas. This practice does not allow residents to express their thoughts. It invites abuse.

3) Update the town's website. The web site should be user friendly including the correct agendas for the meetings, plus the current and past videos of the town council meetings.

This year's audit clearly states numerous concerns with the management of the town's computer systems.

4) Schools are not private businesses. The goal of private business is to maximize profit. This concept was a fundamental principle of Countrywide, Enron, the Tomasso Group and Goldman Sachs.

The goal of schools is to educate children to be of good character, act with civility and be lifelong learners.

5) Provide resources. Our schools need well educated teachers, technology, small classes, family commitment and community support.

These resources will not guarantee success but will certainly enhance the prospect of achievement.

6) Fix No Child Left Behind (NCLB). NCLB will fail.

To require all students to attain mastery by 2014 is an unrealistic goal of state and federal officials.

Presently, NCLB is forcing educators to teach to a test. This method ignores educating the whole child.

Some efficiencies we can address right here in New Milford.

Others, such as NCLB, must be addressed by our representatives in Hartford and Washington.

David A. Lawson

New Milford