Bridgewaterite offers reminder: 'Vote for the best candidate

To the Editor:

I would like very much to respond to a letter sent to you by one of your readers named Sharon Wimberly from Bridgewater concerning the upcoming election.

In her letter, Ms. Wimberly is asking all Republicans to unite and defeat the Democratic slate in Bridgewater.

Apparently, Ms. Wimberly doesn't understand small-town politics.

Bridgewater is not Washington. We're just lucky if we can find enough caring citizens who are willing to serve in public office... let alone a whole slate of candidates.

How many offices have you run for, Ms. Wimberly? I don't see your name on any slate.

No, Ms. Wimberly, we should not be voting for someone just by the party line. We should be voting for the best candidate... regardless of party affiliation.

If I may quote that great mayor of New York City, Fiorello LaGuardia, who said, "There ain't no Democratic or Republican way to collect garbage."

Think about it.

Robert S. Brown