Bridgewater Republicans 'should support each other

To the Editor:

I write this letter with some regret but I am convinced of its need.

The upcoming Republican caucus is important to our town and to our party. I, and a significant group of Bridgewater Republicans, believe it is crucial to present a slate of Republicans for office whenever resident Republicans seek office.

To that end, we encourage the Republican Town Committee, the Republican nominating committee, and Bridgewater Republicans generally to give due preference to Republican candidates.

It seems outrageous to us the Republican Town Committee need be reminded the Republican party should nominate Republicans.

We question the reason and motive for their committee's failure to support a fully Republican slate.

The future of the Republican party lies in grassroots organizations such as Bridgewater's party -- that of a quintessential small town.

Failure to nominate Republican candidates may necessitate a need to call for a primary, as is our right... this would cost the taxpayers significant money and would be an unnecessary expenditure and a ridiculous enterprise.

Contrary to allegations made at recent Republican meetings, we do not oppose cross endorsements of non-Republican candidates, except in limited circumstances.

These circumstances may include instances in which 1) no Republican offers to run; and 2) the Republican candidate is clearly unqualified.

Other than in these circumstances, we feel the Republican party is duty bound, as clearly stated in the by-laws of the Bridgewater Republican party, to support candidates who are members of the Republican party.

The voters should decide.

We are dismayed at the reception with which these views have been met at recent meetings.

We are angered at the arrogance of the nominating committee and its chairman in these meetings. We are similarly angered by the town Republican leadership's abject abandonment of Republican values and positions.

Specifically, Edwin Wainwright, Matthew Stevens and Wayne Kahre are fine citizens of Bridgewater, qualified hardworking Republicans with strong conservative values.

These fine people are apparently being by passed by the nominating committee in favor of Democratic candidates.

Please help us regain our political position and our values.

We implore all Bridgewater Republicans to attend the caucus at the Burnham Library on Tuesday, July 28 at 7 p.m. and to support Republican candidate for the crucial offices they seek.

This is crucial both for Bridgewater and for the future of the Republican party.

Sharon Wimberly