Bridgewater Republican questions nominating process

To the Editor:

Edward S. DeVoe's letter to the editor that ran Aug. 7 in The Spectrum deserves a reply, foremost because it paints a portrayal of Sharon Wimberly as mean spirited.

Additionally, it tries to portray the Bridgewater Republican Nomination Committee (BRNC) as an unbiased and transparent group working for Bridgewater's greater future.

I have known Sharon for many years and I can attest to the fact that she is not mean spirited.

Sharon's July 24 letter was a factual account of the undertaking of the BRNC. The fact that the BRNC did not endorse Republican incumbent Edward Bennett for re-election as selectman clearly shows there was a questionable criteria used for endorsement.

Had the BRNC followed the process and criteria as outlined by Mr. DeVoe, the nomination of Ed Bennett should have been a mere formality.

The BRNC chose to disregard the by-laws that clearly set forth the process for selecting candidates to run for office in Bridgewater on the Republican ticket.

As a Republican, I expect the Republican Party to give first preference of endorsement to qualified candidates within our party.

I also feel cross-endorsement of Democrats should be considered only for non-contested seats. This gives voters choice when they cast votes at the polls in November.

The process followed by the BRNC was tainted by a committee that clearly had a private agenda. After the results of the Republican caucus, it should be clear to members of the nomination committee that their agenda did not reflect the wishes of Republican majority.

At the Republican caucus, with more than 100 people in attendance, Edward Bennett received only one no' vote for endorsement.

Tom Seger