To the Editor:

The town vote on the New Milford budget will be May 14.

We have been assured by town officials that the town and school budgets cannot take any further reduction and any cuts would be painful.

Some citizens have made it plan they cannot support increases of more than $3,000,000.

While we cannot direct town officials where to make cuts, we hope they perform that job without sending people any further backward.

I feel that attendance was very light at the April 30 meeting of the Board of Finance to discuss the proposed budget, with only a handful speaking out with concerns.

I questioned the logic of asking taxpayers to bear more debt at a time when we can least afford it. There is simply little growth in jobs and people are still being laid off, or having their hours cut, or pay frozen.

So why ask people to support more debt? More debt never did guarantee a better product.

The state can't convince us, and surely the federal government has failed us.

We are all aware of the difficult times -- we've been living them for quite a few years.

None of us are quitters, but we are getting irritated with the same old story with the same results.

My income has been frozen and the chances of it thawing out aren't promising. So, I can't continue to maintain the rising costs of the schools and town budget.

For the good of the town and all the hard-working people in it, stop projecting astronomical budgets.

My suggestion to town officials is to take the cotton out of your ears and really listen to what people are saying. We can't keep going on this crazy economic path.

Now is a good time to admit we've been overextending ourselves.

Sheryl Bean

New Milford