To the Editor:

Dear friends, neighbors and residents of Washington, Washington Depot, Marble Dale and New Preston, in these challenging and uncertain economic times our local students need a college education more than ever to compete in today's world.

Your annual gift will help our eligible students meet the skyrocketing costs of a college education. Your gift, combined with those of many others in our community, makes it possible for the Washington Citizens' Scholarship Foundation to award scholarships each June, which it has been doing since 1964.

Each donation of any size would help them meet their college expenses.

In the words of two of our families:

n Thank you is not enough for all you do for so many. From the bottom of my heart, I'm so grateful for the generosity, thank you. You have made dreams come true in this family. I will forever be grateful. The foundation has my support for as long as I can give, hopefully a long time.

• I doubt that I shall ever be able to thank you adequately for believing in my son and for helping so wonderfully with the cost of his college education. However, I enclose a small token of my gratitude knowing that every little bit will go to help other worthy students.

We appeal to everyone in the community -- those who live here full-time and those who live here part-time. We thank each of you who gave last year.

Because we try to reach all in the community with a town-wide mailing, you may receive more than one of our spring appeal letters. Please forgive us.

We can only provide scholarships to our students with your annual support. Your tax-deductible gift to the Washington Citizens' Scholarship Foundation will help them reach their educational goals.

Thank you for investing in the future.

Steven T. Cornell


Washington Citizens'

Scholarship Foundation