To the Editor:

"A voice of reason" is the phrase Superintendent of Schools Dr. JeanAnne Paddyfote used to describe Larry Stillman during his four-year tenure on the New Milford board of education.

As a member of the negotiating team, he worked with the unions to find a balance between equity and fiscal responsibility.

His contribution on the policy committee was to stay focused on high standards and longterm goals.

During these uncertain times of decreased funding and raised expectations, it is time to bring Larry back to this vital community work.

Ever since he arrived in New Milford in 1962 with a young family to open his podiatry practice, Larry has demonstrated a commitment to his adopted town.

Over the years he has served as president of the Rotary Club, president of Temple Sholom and president of the regional Podiatry Medical Association.

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, vote for Larry Stillman, a proven leader, to return to his rightful place on the board of education.

Sandy Brenner

Retired educator

New Milford