To the Editor:

One recent Saturday evening about 6 p.m. a very large tree broke and fell down on my car as I was backing into my driveway.

The car and the electrical/cable wires from my house were damaged, but luckily I went unharmed.

My great neighbors called 911 and I was fortunate enough to have Officer Mark Lynch come out to control the situation. He was very efficient and immediately took charge.

I expected efficiency from our police department.

However, Officer Lynch showed me kindness and consideration that was a reflection of the very caliber of this caring man and I very much appreciated it.

I would also like to thank Joe and his team from Advanced Tree Service for the great job of getting my driveway cleared immediately, and the CL & P group that were dispatched to repair the wire damage and who were also very efficient.

All of this kindness and care truly helped to lessen the impact of this awful experience.

Nancy Camp

New Milford