Advocates 'higher ground' about marriage

To the Editor:

As a justice of the peace, I've been officiating for couples who are coming to Connecticut to wed this summer from around the country, because they aren't allowed to do so in their own home states just yet.

Even though marriage is firstly a civil matter, with licenses being issued at town halls not church halls, some people still object to some couples getting married in such states as California, New York, and lots of places in between.

In a front page story in The New York Times recently, it was reported that, in towns like Greenwich, many couples are coming across the border from New York to wed, and then usually returning to New York to celebrate.

But what wasn't reported is that in the Litchfield Hills, couples are coming here from around the country for long and extended weekends, and they're bringing their families along to celebrate with them.

It looks like Iowa, Connecticut, and the rest of New England, except Rhode Island, have taken the high ground by supporting marriage, just like they have done in the past on many other issues.

And to the marriage foes, please find something else to do with your time, because life's too short.

Find love.

Joseph A. Mustich

Justice of the Peace