To the Editor:

This election season I am supporting Wendy Faulenbach for re-election to the New Milford Board of Education. I hope this letter will remind the voters about this candidate.

After eight years on the school board and hundreds of meetings and committees etc., she is still a person who wants to continue to serve our town. There is a lot of work and research that needs to be done on the board, which is without a doubt the most time-consuming board of them all locally.

Wendy is committed to our schools and this town. She not only serves the Board of Ed but is a member of the New Milford Lions Club, as well as a board member of the John J. McCarthy Observatory.

She has spent years volunteering in our schools as a parent and always makes time for parents with questions or concerns. She is a worker, plain and simple.

We need experience and commitment and she has it.

Eileen Miolla

New Milford