The Bridgeport school system is trying to make sure no one is left behind.

In a laudable effort patterned after successes in other states, administrators are teaming up with the community to reach students who have yet to show up for class this year. For a school system that faces more than its share of bad news, it's a welcome sign of its dedication to its students.

Superintendent of Schools John Ramos along with central office staff, principals and other personnel will be paired with community volunteers to visit the homes of the 150 high school students who haven't shown up for school.

Ramos calls it a "No Excuses" campaign. The initial targets are high school freshmen who didn't show up at school this year and seniors who stand a chance of graduating in June. After hearing of its success in Texas and other states, he decided it was worth a try here.

Regardless of its success rate, it's worth the effort. Truancy is a sure path to missing opportunities for young people.

And this plan is also a good way for the schools to connect with the community. Everyone in the city has a stake in the educational system, and it's to everyone's benefit if the schools can improve. That means reaching everyone possible, regardless of their situation.

Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the students. No one can go to class in their place. But in case they need convincing that the school system has faith in them, has their best interests in mind, this is another example that their trust is not misplaced.