To the Editor:

I am writing to commend and thank Jeffrey B. McBreairty for his meaningful and insightful letter that was published in the March 20, 2015 edition of The Spectrum.

I personally feel his observations are spot-on and well presented.

I, too, believe the citizens of this country have been apathetic and uninvolved in the decision-making process. This is clearly evident in the voter turnout statistics.

People are uninformed and cannot be bothered to educate themselves with the issues.

Democracy is the foundation of our nation's existence and the Constitution is the key to equality and fairness.

Without rules, there are no boundaries, and without boundaries there is nothing but chaos and dysfunction.

Mr. McBreairty asks if we are a generation of cowards and if we are going to wake up and take our country back. It may well be too late.

The presidents and Congress have taken more and more of our choices away, along with control over our basic freedoms.

When society asks government to care for and provide for them, the right to make personal decisions is relinquished.

This is the United States of America, with a Constitution clearly establishing the guidelines for democracy.

I personally find it sad we have taken "God" out of our everyday existence. We apologize for the Pledge of Allegiance, the national anthem and the American flag.

I think if someone has a problem with American patriotism, then they need to go elsewhere. This is a country that was once proud and defiant.

Nowadays we apologize to every minority segment for offending them with what we as a nation stand for and not conforming to their beliefs.

I echo Mr. McBreairty's sentiment: the 545 in Washington need to be "fired." New representatives, without personal agendas, would be a welcome change.

Term limits and no benefits would also be positive changes.

These are considered public-service jobs. In order to prevent greed and corruption, the 545 should be compensated at minimum wage, have to pay into Social Security and Medicare, and pay for their own health insurance plans.

If we stop allowing them to become rich and complacent, we might actually see a better functioning government "for the people."

I, too, believe the electoral college needs to be eliminated. It no longer serves a purpose and it is a system that unfortunately can be manipulated.

The popular vote should be the deciding factor.

The bottom line is these folks work for us and need to be held accountable. By voting we have the right to hire and fire them based on their performance.

If we care at all about preserving this nation, we need to rise to the challenges, recognize changes are needed and make the tough decisions necessary to ensure this country will continue to exist.

I fear by our tri-centennial in 2076, the United States will cease to exist.

Wendy A. Lindblom

New Milford