To the Editor:

If Tom Foley, Republican candidate for governor, won't or can't answer questions regarding the economy, education or a host of problems confronting Connecticut, well, perhaps the people of this state will give him the answer in November when he is defeated, providing he makes it that far.

But for the life of me, and perhaps others in the state, why he won't answer any question regarding gun safety in the state is a mystery to me.

When asked whether he approves the prohibition against magazines that hold more than 10 bullets, he refused to answer.

He did say, "I won't try to rewrite the bill, but there were a lot of inconveniences put on law-abiding citizens."

What inconveniences? Did he forget the answers that were in his briefing books on this subject or did he not have the guts to answer the question?

He also claims he "wasn't governor several years ago."

Perhaps not, but he was a citizen of Connecticut and a human being at the time.

He has no response when asked anything about guns, guns safety, etc.

Good thing he wasn't asked about global warming.

His answer would be like all the other Republicans answer -- "I am not a scientist."

Not answering the question whether he supports the ban on high-capacity magazines? Like I said, the people of the state will give him his answer this November.

I do have a suggestion for Mr. Foley: Perhaps in the next couple of weeks, he can stop into a bookstore in Greenwich (he can afford it) and purchase a book called "Profiles in Courage." President John F. Kennedy helped write it when he was a United States senator.

It's something he needs to read from cover to cover, so when he is asked questions about what he refused to answer before on gun safety and high-capacity magazines, he can find the courage to answer the questions.

Jim Roach

New Milford