Wonders who'll next maintain the cemeteries

To the Editor:

The article by Susan Tuz about cemetery maintenance reflects the problems facing many of the cemeteries in New Milford.

And, while I appreciate being credited for taking care of four cemeteries by myself, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the volunteer team members of the Upper Merryall Cemetery Association, who contribute time, skills and resources to maintain Upper Merryall, Peet Hill, Long Mountain and Fanton cemeteries.

These individuals are Michael Bradbury (president), Donna Ramsey (treasurer), and association members Jim Reynolds, Mickey Lounsbury and Jim Hill.

The association is also fortunate to have limited funding to utilize professional landscapers to do the ongoing maintenance at Upper Merryall Cemetery, the single active cemetery maintained by the association.

The six of us have the required skill sets, equipment and desire to do the job. But we are all in our 60s and 70s.

The question is, How long will we be up to the task of governance and maintenance, and who will be next?

Adam Halasi-Kun


Upper Merryall Cemetery

New Milford