To the Editor:

We at GFWC Woman’s Club of Greater New Milford would like to thank the New Milford community for their generosity in helping us to achieve part of our yearly mission within the Thanksgiving Baskets Program.

Each year, we strive to provide approximately 250 families with the ingredients for a full Thanksgiving dinner. They are then able to go home and create the same type of traditions and memories that you or I would.

This year we will be providing approximately 235 families with a full Thanksgiving meal.

To do this, it takes a massive coordinated effort of receiving donations of non-perishable items that are typical Thanksgiving Day fare. This year we even took donations of frozen turkeys and got over 70 of them donated.

We conservatively estimate that it takes approximately $35 to feed each family. At that cost per family it takes a minimum of $8,225 in food and monetary donations to make this project a success each year.

This all happens through a coordinated effort between WCGNM, United Way, the people of the New Milford community, our volunteers and those who helped us.

We would also like to thank Kimberly-Clark for the use of their conference room during November, UPS for helping us transport the donations there, and Candlewood Valley Country Club for letting us use their freezers for all the wonderful frozen turkeys donated.

Also, a huge thank you to Clayton’s for their very generous donation of $1,000 this year that will help us to buy the turkeys.

This is why we do what we do. 235 families = 1,200 people whose lives we directly touch in a positive an meaningful way.

Thank you, New Milford.

Shannon Richard