An educational technology coordinator and English teacher at South Kent School has published his second TED-Ed video.

Matthew Winkler's second video, "Who Invented Writing?," focuses on the origin of writing.

His first video, "What Makes a Hero?," based on his research of "The Hero's Journey," by Joseph Campbell," received more than 48,000 hits after its release in December.

Winkler developed an innovative program that encompasses the philosophies of the "The Hero's Journey" to guide and prepare young men not only for college, but also for lives as men of quality.

As for the second video, Winkler said he was "fascinated by the fact there were only four cultures that took the leap from picture drawings to creating a written language system based on sounds.

"All written language that exists today can be traced back to these four systems," he said.

Conveying this idea to students in a simple and concise animated video is not easy, but, with the help of TED-Ed producers and animators, Winkler made the information come to life in a short, four-minute video lesson that engages students' interest and keeps them entertained while learning.

TED-Ed's videos aim to capture and amplify the voices of some of the world's greatest educators.

Within the growing TED-Ed video library, he feels visitors will find curated educational videos that demonstrate TED-Ed's commitment to creating "lessons worth sharing."