Serial embezzler Deborah Wilmot of Bridgewater is still awaiting a plea deal offer from the state's attorney's office in Litchfield.

Ms. Wilmot's scheduled appearance Friday, Dec. 14 in state Superior Court in Litchfield did not bring the anticipated plea deal, her attorney Martin Minnella said Monday.

Mr. Minnella anticipates such an offer Jan. 4.

"We're hoping to reach a plea deal soon," he said. "She's getting no credit now from her present federal incarceration toward any time she will serve in jail for the state charges."

Ms. Wilmot, 42, is serving a two-year sentence in federal prison for not paying taxes on $221,624 she embezzled in 2008 and 2009 from Amakai Solutions.

She was sentenced on the federal charges in September and would have three years of supervised release following her federal incarceration.

Mr. Minnella is representing Ms. Wilmot on state charges of violation of probation resulting from a 2004 conviction for stealing more than $100,000 from Canterbury School, a private high school in New Milford.

She is facing a charge of first-degree larceny from an April arrest for misappropriating nearly $22,000 in 2011 while she was financial controller at Bull's Bridge Golf Club in South Kent.

The anticipated plea deal would cover both charges.

Mr. Minnella said her previous attorney did not handle her case properly.

"She had a lawyer who left her with 12 years of probation hanging over her head as a first-time offender," he said. "There's no rationale or reason for her actions. Her husband has a good job. There's a mental-health issue here. Hopefully, the court will take that into consideration."

A sentencing memorandum from Ms. Wilmot's federal case by her attorney at that time, Kurt Zimmerman, states she suffers from personality disorders that prevent her from "making any connection between the wrongfulness of her crimes and the drive to fulfill what she perceives as her obligation as a mother."; 860-355-7322