The Wildlife-Line in Sherman is gearing up for a busy rehabilitation season.

Wildlife-Line, a nonprofit organization, rehabilitates and releases of orphaned or injured wildlife back into their own habitats.

Recently, Grace Christian Fellowship Church in Newtown made a donation of fencing that is over 10 feet high and 2,000 feet long.

This is the ideal type of parameter to raise fawns and will more than double the size of the Wildlife-Line's existing pen, allowing for a portion to extend into the woods for a more natural environment.

The current pen onsite at the Wildlife-Line has can only accommodate six fawns.

There are only three rehabilitators in the state of Connecticut, so not only will it enable the Wildlife-Line to increase the number of fawns it can take in, it will significantly impact how well the state can address fawn rehabilitation as a whole and greatly help the DEP as well.

Volunteers and equipment are needed to install the fence.

The fence needs to be dug up at its existing location and reinstalled in Sherman.

For more information or to volunteer time or equipment, email, call 860-355-5797 or visit