The White Horse Country Pub and Restaurant in the Marble Dale section of Washington has been in the news in recent weeks.

The restaurant recently donated $3,030 to the Connecticut Food Bank.

Funds, raised by the sale of White Horse's Christmas ornaments, were presented to Janet Kniffen, director of the Connecticut Food Bank, and Rick Reichert, director of Philanthropy.

One hundred percent of the sales were donated to the food bank.

This translates to more than 9,000 meals for the food bank. Demand at the food bank is high this year, with more than 150 tons being distributed each week, of which 65 percent goes to small towns.

In addition, the restaurant was recently honored by Yankee Magazine in its January 2013 editorial, "The White Horse as the Ideal Place, the favorite Pub, in the Town of Our Dreams."

"We are privileged to have each and every customer who enters our doors," said White Horse owners John and Lisa Harris. "Every member of our terrific crew feels that way, we have a great culinary team, and a tremendous amount of pride and care goes into every dish.

"We strive every day to reach the highest standard possible."