To the Editor:

The New Milford Lions Club would like to take this opportunity to thank you for publicizing many of our events over the past several years.

Strength comes in numbers and the more publicity we get, the better our chances are of finding new members.

With more members it makes it easier to serve the public and raise money to help the residents of New Milford and in some cases even helping communities all over the world.

There are many local busineses and even the residents of New Milford who attend our carnival, buy our pizza during the fair days, attend our fall fair and purchase our raffle tickets who help make it possible to do all we do for the community.

The New Milford Lions Club prides itself in taking an active interest in the civic, social and moral welfare of the community.

The Lions Club was organized as a charter group on April 18, 1929. Since its inception, the members have dedicated themselves to service.

The New Milford Lions Club has distinguished itself as a group of extraordinary citizens by donating time to the success of fundraisers and service projects.

For information about joining the New Milford Lions Club, call Ginny Landgrebe at 203-770-0466 or please visit our website at

Thank you very much.

Jack Leahy

New Milford Lions Club