To the Editor:

With the Archdiocese of Hartford closing churches in Connecticut due to loss of parishioners and financial problems, I am writing this letter in support of Father Matt Kappalumakkel, my pastor.

Our Lady will remain open and St. Patrick’s Church in Roxbury will be merged with Our Lady.

However, Father Matt said Mass at both churches will continue as is.

He is being reassigned to a parish in Enfield after June 29 as an associate priest with two other priests.

We will be getting another priest, Father Schulz. To this end, I would like to say a few words about Father Matt.

Since coming to Our Lady, he has done many positive things.

The rectory was in disrepair and full of mold.

Under Father Matt’s leadership, the church itself has been painted, stone walls have been built to stop erosion and, in general, much-needed landscaping has been completed.

He had lights installed on the entrance and exit of the church parking lot.

He planted his personal vegetable garden and when the vegetables matured, he picked them and placed them at the rear of the church for any parishioner to take home.

During Lent, he started with the help of the Ladies Guild, a soup/supper where the parishioners ate soup and desserts made by the women of the parish, and even Father Matt cooked in the parish hall.

After the hour, we all proceeded upstairs to the church for Stations of the Cross.

He has many more positive things which would take up too much time, but the most important fact that I would like to stress is his uniting all the parishioners into a Catholic family.

Before Father Matt we would attend and leave without speaking to one another or knowing one another. He brought us camaraderie and a sense of family.

We would like him to stay on.

Fran DeSimone