'We support and stand with' Don Lowe

To the Editor:

It was a proud moment at the Nov. 16 Sherman Board of Selectman meeting when so many Shermanites stood together to support our newly elected first selectman, Don Lowe.

Shamefully, some members of the Republican Town Committee have chosen the low road after their decisive defeat at the polls and have attempted to humiliate and disgrace Don and his family, rather than accepting the will of the people.

The need for power by the Republicans, here in this small town, and on the larger stage, must be so great that all decency and morality are readily discarded.

But this is not what Sherman stands for. The people of Sherman are better than this.

We support and stand with our duly elected first selectman, and we will not tolerate the bullying or harassment of any of our own.

Eva Elisabeth Von Ancken