Many children from New Milford attended the former Miss Barton’s School in town. According to the records of E. Paul Martin, “Edith Barton operated the school for 50 years, with the doors closing in 1976 due to failing health. Barton was one of five daughters of the W.G. Barton family. Mr. Barton moved into New Milford in the late 1800s and started a dry goods business. His business and building were completely destroyed during the big New Milford fire in 1902. He rebuilt on Bank Street and managed the business for a good many years before he died. It was then operated by two of his three sons, Willis and Paul, for a number of years.” This photograph depicts the 1927-28 class of Miss Barton’s School. They are, from left to right, in front, Virginia Robertson, Jimmie Carroll, Priscilla Chalmers, Natalie Scholze, Jean Marsh and teacher Margaret Chapman, and in back, Paul E. Martin, Samuel B. Ferriss, Henry M. Brant and Mary Robertson, according to E. Paul Martin records. If you have a “Way Back When” photo you’d like to share, contact Deborah Rose at or 860-355-7324.