Gunn Historical Museum’s Washington History Club in the Morning will meet Sept. 17 at 10 a.m. at the Washington Senior Center in Bryan Hall Plaza. The topic of discussion will be the history of Washington’s pharmacies, including Church, Ford, and Co. Druggists, Waramaug Patent Medicine and Luncheonette, Green Drug, Parks Drug, Robert J. Benham’s, The Rexall Drug Store, Washington Pharmacy, New Preston Pharmacy and others. All past owners, pharmacists, family members, employees, and customers are invited to attend to share history, conversations, photographs and more. Above, Harold Dutch Stoeffler and Walter Quist are shown behind the counter in the Washington Pharmacy on Main Street in Washington Depot in 1938. If you have a Way Back When photo to share, contact Deborah Rose at or 860-355-7324.