Washington: KMR Arts to host artist talk with Lisa Elmaleh

WASHINGTON — KMR Arts will host an artist talk with Lisa Elmaleh at the Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens, 1 Green Hill, Washington Depot, Sunday, July 11 from 4-6 p.m.

Meet the artist, Lisa Elmaleh, as she discusses her photographic processes, influences and images. Her work has been the subject of three solo shows and five tintype portrait studio sessions at KMR Arts.

Elmaleh is an American visual artist, educator, and documentarian based in Hampshire County, WV. She specializes in large-format work in tintype, glass negative, and celluloid film. Since 2007, she has been traveling across the US documenting American landscapes, life, and culture.

She was awarded the Silas Rhodes Scholarship and the Tierney Fellowship.

KMR Arts is at 2 Titus Road, Washington Depot. Call 860-868-7588.