To the Editor:

We moved to Bridgewater nine years ago, before our son was born. We moved here specifically for the Burnham School, quality of education and class size.

We have grown to love Bridgewater, but our son's education is a priority over where we live.

If the schools are consolidated, we would either send him to private school or we will move.

Burnham School sits immediately next door to the Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Department, of which I am a member. I and several other Bridgewater volunteer firefighters live less than 1.5 miles from the school and can respond within 90 seconds.

The proposal of a centralized school so far away from existing first-responder resources is irresponsible and completely unacceptable.

Furthermore, there are plans

in progress to move the Bridgewater resident state trooper to be

co-located with the school.

This would only enhance our capability to respond to emergencies more efficiently and effectively.

In regard to the upcoming vote to consolidate Region 12 elementary schools, I encourage all to vote "no."

A vote of "no" would keep the three elementary schools, one in each town.

Thank you.

Dirk Feather