To the Editor:

I want to applaud Art Cummings' column in The News-Times on the gun control vote.

I especially give him credit for naming the state officials who voted "yes" for the new laws and wholeheartedly agree and share his disappointment with the six Republicans who voted against it. These officials chose to tow the party line instead of voting with their neighbors and constituents, 90 percent of whom agree with the new laws.

These six GOP officials in the Greater Danbury-New Milford delegation who voted "no" are: Sens. Clark Chapin and Robert Kane and Reps. Cecilia Buck-Taylor, Dan Carter, Jan Giegler and David Scribner.

While upset that these six decided to vote this way, I hope they will see the error of their vote and know, when it comes time for re-election, they can count on me and the other 90 percent of their constituents to hopefully vote them out of office.

We will not forget Sandy Hook and we will not forget these six Republicans and their vote.

Lisa Powers

New Milford