To the Editor:

State Representative Bill Buckbee (67th District) recently refused an offer to hold a public debate with Tom O’Brien, his challenger.

Buckbee also refused to debate the first time he ran for office. Representative Buckbee, that’s a shame.

The voters will have to decide who is the better person to represent the Town of New Milford without hearing Buckbee defend his vote in the State Legislature (SB543, House Roll Call Vote 307) that stripped our town of $2.2 million in funding for our schools.

Our local property taxes are going up by 3.3 percent come January mostly because of that vote.

The voters also won’t hear Representative Buckbee explain why he voted against a bill that would have allowed early voting in this state (HJ28). Thirty-four other states already have it, and it’s working. Early voting gives those who work long hours the opportunity to participate in our Democratic process.

Representative Buckbee has chosen to have a campaign run by videos playing in the movie theater rather than publicly debate his opponent. This deprives the voters, all of his constituents in New Milford, the opportunity to hear him explain his votes in Hartford.

That’s a shame. But, if Representative Buckbee won’t debate, there could be a reason.

To borrow a statement from an earlier President of the United States who said, “Oh, it’s not that he’s not a good debater. It’s just that he can’t defend his economic record; if I had a record that bad, I wouldn’t want to defend it either.”

I’m voting for Tom O’Brien Nov. 6.

Adrienne Aurichio

New Milford