Volunteers sought for cemetery tour

The New Milford Mayor’s Office, the New Milford Historical Society, New Milford Public Library and the Center Cemetery are organizing an October historical cemetery tour of the Center Cemetery.

Guides will lead groups of people to visit the gravesites of some of New Milford’s ancestors where the departed will tell of their lives, relationships and endeavors while they were alive.

The event will be held Oct. 12 from 5:30 to 9 p.m.

Volunteers are sought to portray the 12 forefathers that will be at their gravesites during the event.

The persons representing each character would need to commit to the date of the event, as well as rehearsal times.

The cast of characters include Sherman Boardman and Sarah (Bostwick) Boardman, Col. Elisha Bostwick and Elizabeth Betty (Ferriss) Bostwick, Henrietta Clark (wife of Beebe Hine), Col. Samuel Canfield, Jr., Josiah Starr, Dr. Jonah Todd, Mary Anna Whiting Boardman and Hon. Elijah Boardman, Col. Nathaniel Taylor and Ann (Northrop) Taylor (wife of Col. Nathaniel Taylor).

Volunteers are also needed to help during the event as tour guides, help with the set up and costuming and for general help.

Anyone interested should call the historical society at 860-354-3069 or email nmhistorical@gmail.com.