The Connecticut Crossroads Project is seeking the public’s help in documenting life during a pandemic.

“This is a unique time, and unlike the pandemic at the turn of the century, we want this to be documented,” said Chris Fisher, founded the project in 2016.

Fisher said the project welcomes two- to five-minute audio recordings answering questions about what it’s like living through a pandemic.

“There’s a certain amount of power in hearing someone’s voice,” Fisher said.

“It’s much more impactful and adds that much more texture,” he said.

Fisher said he even interviewed his 3-year-old son for the project.

“He has his own perspective. He’s feeling this (pandemic),” Fisher said.

Written testimony is also accepted.

The recordings and testimonies are digitally archived and preserved for future generations.

“We want real voices,” Fisher said. “It’s great to hear how people love their communities. We live in a pretty cool place. But it’s not the whole truth. I would love to hear all perspectives.”

The mission of the project is to document “the intersection of public history and personal memory.”

Several weeks ago, Fisher and project co-president Alex Larson began weekly Friday night chats, first on Facebook Live and now on YouTube Live, sharing how the project is going and special topics.

“Written logs of our lives are vanishing at a rapid pace,” Fisher said, noting how people record their lives in digital venues such as social media.

The Crossroads Projects partners with New Milford Public Library and Burnham Library in Bridgewater, which get copies of what the project produces.

“We’re doing this for the public to preserve their legacy,” Fisher said. “And from an academic perspective, people in the future will be able to piece together who we are.”

For more information or to arrange to submit something to the project, email Fisher at or call 860-248-5031. Or, visit