A visually impaired support group program meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 10 a.m. in New Milford.

Future meetings will be held March 22, April 26 and May 24 at the Richmond Citizen Center at 40 Main St.

The VIP program in 2017 will be facilitated by Mira LeVasseur, the town's municipal agent at the New Milford Senior Center.

"I am incredibly honored to facilitate the Visually Impaired Persons group,” LeVaseur said.

“Working with dedicated volunteers like Marie Crawford and our members, we meet to share information and provide support,” she explained.,

“Together we can look forward to being a part of a meaningful experience for all of those who are impacted by vision related diseases,” she said.

The March meeting will feature speakers Mike Fauntine from The Kennedy Center in Trumbull and Rick Schreiner of HART Transportation.

Schreiner will discuss transportation options for those who are visually impaired.

Fauntine will inform members about The Kennedy Center, which helps the visually impaired find and maintain employment and offers a program to help students prepare for the adult world.

For more information, call the senior center at 860-355-6075.