To the Editor:

I do not want to hash and re-hash what I have said in the past two years but it is time for action instead of the usual talk, talk, talk.

We are in need of a beautiful, functional senior center in the town of Washington.

I've reiterated many, many times that we are the only town in the surrounding area that does not have one.

A committee of four, including myself, just wasted our time visiting the other centers, taking measurements of the facilities and checking on what was being offered to see exactly what would be needed and required for the seniors of Washington.

A few months ago, a meeting was held at Bryan Memorial Town Hall on the subject and it seemed there would be interest in a senior/community center.

However, has anyone acted on it?

It seems, no.

Washington is a wealthy town and the seniors of means are not interested in fraternizing with the common folk.

As far as money is concerned, a few men of means got together and invested who knows how much of their money -- it is their money to do with as they please -- in purchasing Vinny's garage and turning it into what?

That capital could have been put to good use building a senior center facility.

The town has the old town garage property just sitting there doing nothing which could be built up to house this facility.

I have come to the conclusion this town is not interested in seniors who were born and raised here.

The newcomers? They are only interested in the status quo.

In my opinion, it is disgraceful.

We are in need of serious backing by our selectmen, as well as people of influence and capital.

Fran DeSimone